Pause Prints by Elizabeth Castagna

$ 48.00

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A collection of 'the pauses or occupy the space in between the making of the larger works and internal movement videos. I process possibilities and new choices in this pause space.'  By Hudson Valley local artist, Elizabeth Castagna

All Pause Prints are 5"x7" in size, bordered in 8"x10" mat.


Elizabeth is a painter, Certified Alexander Technique teacher and Cranio Sacral Balancing Therapist. She has exhibited her art in New York, Barcelona and The Hudson Valley. Elizabeth has collaborated with dancers, poets, and sculptors in performances and installations.

Elizabeth describes, "my paintings are a direct expression of my relationship to my body and the stories it carries. Physicality, movement, time and water are the base elements for this process. My body moves as my mind moves and it’s this unity that creates the gestures that flow through my work.

When I look back on a series of paintings I’ve come to see that there is a place inside me more prepared for where I am in life than I know.

As personal as my paintings are for me, once they leave my studio they take on a life of their own — open for connecting with others, and to the stories their body carries."