Are you a sucker for Spring?  I am.  The first scent of fresh thawed grass bursting through a long winter feels like the warm breath of hope I've been longing for while huddled under an absurd number of wool blankets.

The days grow longer.  Awaking buds of hyacinths and daffodils, summer polkadots and picnic benches are all a daydream coming true.  

I've Marie Kondo'ed my closet, kitchen and that pesky bathroom cabinet that housed expired eye shadows and heavy dull, hand-me-down towels that never dry fast enough, or spark joy. 

Maybe its my age or all the buzz of living simply Fresh floral blouses, light multipurpose linens that dry in minutes, hints of sweetgrass and porch dates with my favorite coffee mug and husband are around the corner.  

Warm hues of turmeric, lilac, persimmon and chestnut make the cool air feel dewy.

March 02, 2019 by Erin Murphy